Welcome to my personal research page!

Email: guoyanjiang@gmail.com; gyjiang@whu.edu.cn

Education (教育经历)

  • 2006.06 B.A., Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering, Nanjing Tech University
  • 2009.06 M.A., Geological Engineering, Nanjing Tech University
  • 2013.06 Ph.D., Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering, Wuhan University

Academic Employments (工作经历)

  • 2013.09 – 2015.08 Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Geology, China Earthquake Administration
  • 2015.09 – 2016.10 Research Associate, Collaborative Innovation Center for Geospatial Information Technology, Wuhan University
  • 2016.11 – 2018.11 Postdoctoral Fellow, Earth System Science Programme, Faculty of Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • 2018.12 – 2019.08 Research Associate, Earth System Science Programme, Faculty of Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • 2019.06 – 2019.08 Visiting Scholar, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, McGill University
  • 2019.09 – 2019.12 Research Scholar (Visiting Scientist), U.S. Geological Survey
  • 2020.01 to now      Distinguished Research Fellow (Research Professor), Wuhan University

Research Interests (研究方向)

  • Geodetic monitoring and geomechanical modeling for induced seismicity


  • Tectonic geodesy (earthquake-cycle deformation) and crustal dynamics


Awards and Honors (学术奖励)(since 2013)

  • 2013 Outstanding Young Paper Award, Chinese Society for Geodesy, Photogrammetry and Cartography
  • 2014 Merit Scholarship Program for Foreign Students (PBEEE) – Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (2C) (declined)
  • 2016 Cheng Zongqi Outstanding Paper Award (2/6), Chinese Geophysical Society
  • 2016 Higher Education Outstanding Scientific Research Output Award (Natural Sciences, First-class, 7/8), Ministry of Education
  • 2016 National Scientific Progress in Surveying & Mapping Award (First-class, 4/15), Chinese Society for Geodesy, Photogrammetry and Cartography
  • 2018 Best Poster Presentation Award, Hong Kong Scholars Annual Symposium
  • 2019 Travel Grant Award (CAD 1000 and Early-bird Registration Fee), XXVII IUGG General Assembly in Montreal, Canada

Academic Services (学术服务与兼职)

  • Reviewer for Journals (Tectonophysics, Geophysical Research Letters, Journal of Geophysical Research, Geophysical Journal International, Pure and Applied Geophysics, Journal of Asian Earth Science, Remote Sensing, Earth, Planets and Space, and Advances in Space Research)
  • Reviewer for The National Natural Science Foundation of China (since 2019)
  • Primary Convener for Tectonophysics Session (T025: Surface deformation linked to fluid injection and extraction activities: from geodetic observations to integrated geophysical analyses), AGU Fall Meeting 2020
  • 应急管理部国家自然灾害防治研究院—硕士研究生特聘导师